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  • A Year in Review: 2023

    A Year in Review: 2023

    This year has been the type that, in the present moment, when nothing seems to be happening or things don’t seem to be going anywhere – when looking back, the path which was taken is all connected. I really appreciate all the experiences and people I spent time (+ met) this year. Thank you for…

  • A Year in Review: 2022

    A Year in Review: 2022

    Looking back at some of the highlights of 2022. It mostly looks like I mostly just ate my way through the year haha.

  • A Year in Review: 2020

    2020 was a rollercoaster this year. With me starting the year exploring the southern parts of Japan, to ending the year feeling burnt-out at home. And yes, COVID happened. But COVID didn’t stop be from trying to enjoy the best of it.