A Year in Review: 2022

Just realized that I didn’t post anything for 2021, haha. Anyway, here are some of my highlights of the 2022 year.


Kicked off the new year with coffee + avocado toast! And of course some tacos~
Went on a hike with a few friends later the first week.

Afterwards towards the middle of the month, I visited Texas for the first time!

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Also had a chance to eat galbi-jjim with some awesome folks from the archery range!

February, March, April

Kind of just going back and forth between cities and mainly working. Mainly took photos of the food, haha. And of course one of my cats~ 🐱


Attended a wedding late May.


Birthday month~~~


The summer heat…

My friend treated me out to some sushi~

Also, another wedding in July, hehe.


Visited the Rose Garden in my local area.


Didn’t do much this month besides work.


Visiting my friend who recently adopted two kitties!

Afterwards, we went to a Halloween event in the area.


All kinds of things this month – shopping for furniture to change some things in the apt, playing the new Pokemon game, and of course driving to a little town just for their apple pie.


Took off to an early from work this December, taking the opportunity to visit Japan after almost 2 years.

And of course, I can’t miss out sharing some of the food I ate!

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Looking back, the year was really fun and I feel like I grew a lot in terms of my relationships with all my friends and family. For 2023, I want to spend some more time dedicated to myself just to see how far I can go! 🌟


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