A Year in Review: 2023

This year has been the type that, in the present moment, when nothing seems to be happening or things don’t seem to be going anywhere – when looking back, the path which was taken is all connected. I really appreciate all the experiences and people I spent time (+ met) this year. Thank you for a great year and I am looking forward to my journey in 2024!


Starting the year with a lot of food, as always!




Back in LA~ I got to see RADWIMPS in concert!

Took my mom to Japan for her birthday~



My birthday month~


This anime themed cafe for Initial D opened up. So had to check it out. I also took a pottery class (and eventually an actual pottery series) And ofc, Slam Dunk movie!




I got promoted!!! (Also started brush painting)


Tried out Georgian food and continuing painting.

Last minute decided to go to Italy and UK with my Dad!

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For my flight to Europe, I took United. They served Butter Chicken (since I was flying to UK). Also in UK, the airports are pretty bad… I’ve never been to airports designed this way.


Haha, the month of my travels. But… this year I went to Japan and Europe already. Very grateful to be able to visit these places. This month, I visited Singapore and Vietnam.

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Thank you again for the adventures in 2023. Onwards to 2024!


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